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Creating content necessary for promoting services of the company is essential. Such content must necessarily portray the live version of what is being provided to the consumers. A s a result of which, organising necessary photography and videography shoots to propagate the same is vital in promoting the brand.

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Q: What's the process?


The first step in our process is to learn your business. We ask for our clients to provide as much details as possible so that we can ensure that the product shoot is successful. The more information we know upfront, the better the experience will be for everyone.


We believe in having a plan and executing that plan to perfection. During this step in the process, we determine how we will receive products, which props we will need, models/actors, locations, timeline and what kind of shots we need.


Raw images are captured during the photoshoot. We then begin to do basic editing on the raw images. We have the skills to make images transparent, put images on different backgrounds/scenery,  add logos and more. The extent of our editing will vary with the package you have selected.


After the editing process, we deliver all the images to you in an online storage area such as Google Drive. We recommend that you download them onto your computer or external storage for safe keeping.